Monday, 8 August 2011


Hi dudes and dudettes.

I think the style which kris posted would be a really cool idea and we could easily fit that in the the time travelling elevator idea. It would also give us some really easy and cool shifts if we were to change the color or tone on the "white environment" to give the feeling that we want.

As for the "driver" changing apperance i think we should keep in mind that we only have 30 sec, and im not thinking its going to be very difficult to make but it might be really confusing because of the time span. I think it would make more sense to have the passengers change instead even though its a bit shady in the movie if its the driver or the passenger or both thats changing. We could even make a really obvious change like squash and stretch (being in an elevator this even makes more sense).

I know we are all talking about the elevator idea, and for me that would be a really good idea to stick with. I dont know how much time we get after the summer but i think its a brilliant setting to show an otherwise difficult and chaotic (storywise) movie.

I just saw that sascha posting something about what our generel roles are after talking to michelle, i thought i should post it here aswell. I know that the animators have to go through some 3d animation program before, and the CGs only have this project to work on, so i think it makes sense if we get that stuff clear. At least to think about for when we have the group meeting the first day.

This is what she wrote:
I just talked quickly to Michelle.
The Cga's and CA's are supposed to discuss in what direction we want to take the trailer together. The concept and story is then for the Cga's to come up with and the Ca's will be a sort of consultant part at this point.

Anyway any input and reference and ideas any one of you can come up with is great. If it's possible to make a project that both ca's and cg's are more or less happy with it'll go a lot smoother I think. But in case of disagreements on this stage, the CGA's have the final say (I'm saying this just to avoid dramas) :)"

Furthermore i would like to throw out in the open that if noone has any objections or desire to be director i would very much like to take on that role. Mostly because i think this could be a very very nice trailer, in the direction its going at the moment, and secondly i would very much like to see how it is and get some experience for maybe having a bachelor pitch come through at some point.

It not to hijack anything i just wanted to share my thoughts on this project and what i want to get out of it. Its still a small group and a short film so i honestly dont know how much this stuff matters, but i think even for a small group its important to have someone/anyone that closes a discussion that might have gone on too long and would in the end hurt the end result and turn it into mushymosh. :)

Enough of that, I hope you guys are enjoying the summer, I probably wont be able to make much of the stuff we have to do untill the last week before we start, and until me and sascha is done with with our project.

Best thoughts


  1. Alright, that sounds good to me. I'll still help out with some ideas then if I get any, but otherwise us CAs will leave the overall conceptualization to you CGAs ;)

    And I'm fine with you as a Director, but I have a limited role anyways, so let's see what the others say.

  2. Yea ok.
    I dont know how serious we should take the difference between the CGs and the CAs because we are all part of the same group :)

    But i guess it makes sense in that the CAs have to have a lot og lectures in animating in maya.

    Anyway we will talk and figure stuff out when we meet. :)


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