Monday, 15 August 2011

Story Beat idea

Really REALLY simple story beat idea that I threw together in Photoshop.

  1. Alien passenger waits on an asteroid, looking for a ride home.  Space cab picks him up.
  2. They travel through interesting locales as important information about the film is ex-posited either as text or through a voice over.
  3. Alien is left at his home in a futuristic apartment complex in a city, and is left looking back at that inspiring driver.
This one here is basically to get us to start thinking more, and am more than happy to have everything change here.  I can come up with some more if need be, but I'd like to see everyone's ideas too in the sense of plot structure.


  1. I think it could work (: I like that it is simple. And agree on the simple story based on the original film.

  2. True. simble is very nice. And actually we could just go for changing the setting to "outer space" and keeping the "story" of the movie, instead of going all in with a new concept as the timetravelling elevator. :)


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