Friday, 12 August 2011

more thoughts

Just a little note before I leave for holiday. I don’t remember if we talked about the Fifth element? I think there are some ideas we could look at for our trailer. I think there is a lot of inspiration in style, colour, rhythm, story telling and a strong design. Some of it might fit for our Trailer?

 Regarding Lars’ post, I think it is great with some initiative. Could someone please sum up the elevator idea? It is a bit unclear for me what is exactly is. I think I lost my notes and memory after a long summer. For deciding our different roles I think we should do that when we all are together after holiday. 

I like the simple look from Adrians little film that Krist posted -I like that idea. Also the magic from the The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus.

I wish you all an awesome August! 

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  1. What I gathered from Kristina's idea during our little meeting at school was that we'd have a cool looking vehicle that is basically an elevator, and it travels through time/dimensions, so a bit like the TARDIS from Doctor Who.

    We also agreed that because the characters in the movie went through some transformation of sorts as they travel, where they learn something about themselves. So we thought about making this literal and have one of the characters actually change appearance while still making sure to know that it's the same one.

    I'm seeing it as a whimsical adventure trailer, where we can have many shots where the backgrounds could just be paintings and thus save time in making environments.

    Some key voice clips from the film could work too, and we could have alot of fun with how the worlds and characters look.

    Oh well, best of luck to everyone else :)


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