Wednesday, 3 August 2011


Hello dear group!  This is the blog we will be submitting our material and references for the sake of our Trailer Project.  Just to streamline things I have pasted below the refined instructions sent to us from the school, to remind us of WHAT exactly we should do this month:

  • Keep in touch with your group (via email, facebook, skype, msn, etc.), if you have the possibility, do what you can.
  • Collect research material: At the very least on your own to show the team when you meet again.
  • Sketches of the idea of concept based on which Art direction style you would like to see the show go in.
  • Clear idea of genre/mood in the trailer.
  • Research trailer styles and how different genres connect with different trailer styles.
  • Research genre and begin "concept/look" development.
  • Explore styles and possibilities to have concepts at the beginning of the concept teaching.
  • Keep in mind that concept is an ongoing process from development through storyboard.
August 30th: We’ll move the presentation to the 30th so that you have some time on the 29th to meet as a group and show what you’ve been thinking so far independently and make a decision of which direction to consider, you can always change direction but it will help you to find your direction quickly into the first week so you have enough time to explore that.

We expect you to have the following things ready for this day (the 30th):
  • Concept ideas for your trailer.
  • Sketches of your characters and environments
  • Reference images for mood/style guide.
  • An answer to the question "why are you considering this/these genres for your film?"
  • Rough Key story beats
So, yeah!  Just upload images you create, links to sites with some good imagery, embed youtube videos for good reference and whatnot.  Then we can all discuss this in the comments section on each post and give one another feedback.

And always remember:

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