Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Dr Who

Dr Who and The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus could be some ideas that we keep in mind for the conceptualization.  I've never watched either of them, but the titular character in Dr Who regularly 'regenerates' himself every time they switch actors, thus keeping all the seasons in continuity and keeping the series going way past the life of the actors.  For our trailer we could maybe have the elevator operator (if we use Kristina's idea) change form as they travel to different time periods or whatnot.

The video I embedded features the switch between actors and how it works.  We don't have time to show each transformation like this, but perhaps that can be done something like the Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus below:

Here, if I have understood it correctly, they have Heath Ledger be the main body for the titular Doctor (another one I just noticed :P ) but whenever he passes through some mirror of sorts, his body changes to that of another actor.  While this was done as a necessity (Heath Ledger died during production, and couldn't finish all his scenes) it was played around with the whimsical tone of the film.

So if we edit the trailer to have several scenes showing the journey of the 'driver' and passenger we can have it mimic the idea of Dr Who traveling to different dimensions, and transforming in between travels.

That way we could maybe choose one character from the movie to be the passenger while the operator can then be composed of several different drivers voices, and we mix and match to which lines we think work best.

Share and discuss amongst yourself!  After all, that's what the blog is for!

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