Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Start sketching characters - Here it the style it has to fit in with.
The start image is one of the dark parts of the coma world.

Characters we have:
Main character - selfish, lawyer, stubborn, in a suit.
Little girl - She is already in a coma, very naive, sweet innocent.
Realworld taxi driver - Working man, very quite.
Comaworld taxi driver - Is part the the seat, use imaginenation to use car elements for a character. The sky is the limit.

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Hitchhikers reference

Great posts.

I think its a really cool idea to take inspiration from that movie esben. Especially the 4th picture shows a great way to illustrate transitions in environments.

I dont know if you have seen Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, but the ending could be a really cool source of inspiration too, where the main character is confronted with how the planets are being built and they float along in a wierd crane thing.

this is a crappy photo and i couldnt find any movies about it, but I just thought it would be a good idea. :)

Environment - suggestions

Shots from Lovely Bones. I like the otherworldly feel to it, simplify it and play with the proportions of things and color. What do you say ? 

The style I had in mind.

Monday, 15 August 2011

Story Beat idea

Really REALLY simple story beat idea that I threw together in Photoshop.

  1. Alien passenger waits on an asteroid, looking for a ride home.  Space cab picks him up.
  2. They travel through interesting locales as important information about the film is ex-posited either as text or through a voice over.
  3. Alien is left at his home in a futuristic apartment complex in a city, and is left looking back at that inspiring driver.
This one here is basically to get us to start thinking more, and am more than happy to have everything change here.  I can come up with some more if need be, but I'd like to see everyone's ideas too in the sense of plot structure.

Friday, 12 August 2011

more thoughts

Just a little note before I leave for holiday. I don’t remember if we talked about the Fifth element? I think there are some ideas we could look at for our trailer. I think there is a lot of inspiration in style, colour, rhythm, story telling and a strong design. Some of it might fit for our Trailer?

 Regarding Lars’ post, I think it is great with some initiative. Could someone please sum up the elevator idea? It is a bit unclear for me what is exactly is. I think I lost my notes and memory after a long summer. For deciding our different roles I think we should do that when we all are together after holiday. 

I like the simple look from Adrians little film that Krist posted -I like that idea. Also the magic from the The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus.

I wish you all an awesome August! 

The Fifth Element (original trailer)

Monday, 8 August 2011


Hi dudes and dudettes.

I think the style which kris posted would be a really cool idea and we could easily fit that in the the time travelling elevator idea. It would also give us some really easy and cool shifts if we were to change the color or tone on the "white environment" to give the feeling that we want.

As for the "driver" changing apperance i think we should keep in mind that we only have 30 sec, and im not thinking its going to be very difficult to make but it might be really confusing because of the time span. I think it would make more sense to have the passengers change instead even though its a bit shady in the movie if its the driver or the passenger or both thats changing. We could even make a really obvious change like squash and stretch (being in an elevator this even makes more sense).

I know we are all talking about the elevator idea, and for me that would be a really good idea to stick with. I dont know how much time we get after the summer but i think its a brilliant setting to show an otherwise difficult and chaotic (storywise) movie.

I just saw that sascha posting something about what our generel roles are after talking to michelle, i thought i should post it here aswell. I know that the animators have to go through some 3d animation program before, and the CGs only have this project to work on, so i think it makes sense if we get that stuff clear. At least to think about for when we have the group meeting the first day.

This is what she wrote:
I just talked quickly to Michelle.
The Cga's and CA's are supposed to discuss in what direction we want to take the trailer together. The concept and story is then for the Cga's to come up with and the Ca's will be a sort of consultant part at this point.

Anyway any input and reference and ideas any one of you can come up with is great. If it's possible to make a project that both ca's and cg's are more or less happy with it'll go a lot smoother I think. But in case of disagreements on this stage, the CGA's have the final say (I'm saying this just to avoid dramas) :)"

Furthermore i would like to throw out in the open that if noone has any objections or desire to be director i would very much like to take on that role. Mostly because i think this could be a very very nice trailer, in the direction its going at the moment, and secondly i would very much like to see how it is and get some experience for maybe having a bachelor pitch come through at some point.

It not to hijack anything i just wanted to share my thoughts on this project and what i want to get out of it. Its still a small group and a short film so i honestly dont know how much this stuff matters, but i think even for a small group its important to have someone/anyone that closes a discussion that might have gone on too long and would in the end hurt the end result and turn it into mushymosh. :)

Enough of that, I hope you guys are enjoying the summer, I probably wont be able to make much of the stuff we have to do untill the last week before we start, and until me and sascha is done with with our project.

Best thoughts


just a reminder of a nice, economical and simple style that would be cool to play around with:

Snailtrouble from Adrian Walt on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Dr Who

Dr Who and The Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus could be some ideas that we keep in mind for the conceptualization.  I've never watched either of them, but the titular character in Dr Who regularly 'regenerates' himself every time they switch actors, thus keeping all the seasons in continuity and keeping the series going way past the life of the actors.  For our trailer we could maybe have the elevator operator (if we use Kristina's idea) change form as they travel to different time periods or whatnot.

The video I embedded features the switch between actors and how it works.  We don't have time to show each transformation like this, but perhaps that can be done something like the Imaginarium of Dr Parnassus below:

Here, if I have understood it correctly, they have Heath Ledger be the main body for the titular Doctor (another one I just noticed :P ) but whenever he passes through some mirror of sorts, his body changes to that of another actor.  While this was done as a necessity (Heath Ledger died during production, and couldn't finish all his scenes) it was played around with the whimsical tone of the film.

So if we edit the trailer to have several scenes showing the journey of the 'driver' and passenger we can have it mimic the idea of Dr Who traveling to different dimensions, and transforming in between travels.

That way we could maybe choose one character from the movie to be the passenger while the operator can then be composed of several different drivers voices, and we mix and match to which lines we think work best.

Share and discuss amongst yourself!  After all, that's what the blog is for!


Hello dear group!  This is the blog we will be submitting our material and references for the sake of our Trailer Project.  Just to streamline things I have pasted below the refined instructions sent to us from the school, to remind us of WHAT exactly we should do this month:

  • Keep in touch with your group (via email, facebook, skype, msn, etc.), if you have the possibility, do what you can.
  • Collect research material: At the very least on your own to show the team when you meet again.
  • Sketches of the idea of concept based on which Art direction style you would like to see the show go in.
  • Clear idea of genre/mood in the trailer.
  • Research trailer styles and how different genres connect with different trailer styles.
  • Research genre and begin "concept/look" development.
  • Explore styles and possibilities to have concepts at the beginning of the concept teaching.
  • Keep in mind that concept is an ongoing process from development through storyboard.
August 30th: We’ll move the presentation to the 30th so that you have some time on the 29th to meet as a group and show what you’ve been thinking so far independently and make a decision of which direction to consider, you can always change direction but it will help you to find your direction quickly into the first week so you have enough time to explore that.

We expect you to have the following things ready for this day (the 30th):
  • Concept ideas for your trailer.
  • Sketches of your characters and environments
  • Reference images for mood/style guide.
  • An answer to the question "why are you considering this/these genres for your film?"
  • Rough Key story beats
So, yeah!  Just upload images you create, links to sites with some good imagery, embed youtube videos for good reference and whatnot.  Then we can all discuss this in the comments section on each post and give one another feedback.

And always remember: